At Chauffeur Training Ltd we pride ourselves on providing development for our students. We believe that it is our duty to increase awareness and improve standards for those within our industry.

As a course provider we have taken great consideration in not only constructing the right course but also the right people to deliver the course. Embracing the knowledge of our team and skill set, we have moved forward to present the new 5 Day course which will be an SFJ Level 3 Organisation Award in Chauffeuring.

Other courses have different structures and offer various skill sets. But at Chauffeur Training Ltd, we are convinced that our main aim is to instruct drivers on the professionalism that one must display when employed as a Chauffeur internationally.

We will instruct on Chauffeur etiquette, Professional standards, advanced driving techniques and many other related topics. The advanced Driving day has been included to offer skills that will improve standards.

There are courses on the market that will offer evasive driving and other such techniques, but we at Chauffeur Training Ltd will only adhere to that which is necessary for Chauffeuring in the UK and similar cities worldwide.

Our course directors have many years experience working in a wide variety of situations. This provides them with a very unique and valuable perspective of the Chauffeur Industry.

If you are employed as a chauffeur you must drive to the highest standard possible and protect your client and your licence. Driving evasively will only put your client in harms way and result in your licences being revoked.

If while driving you encounter difficulties then you must remain professional and seek assistance from our emergency services. Our security day will enforce this ethos that we have, and will certainly drive home the standards that have made Chauffeur Training Ltd, leaders in the field of Chauffeur Training within the United Kingdom.

Robert Mroczek

Robert Mroczek - Course Director

Robert has spent 15 years working in the Chauffeur Industry and was recently awarded Chauffeur of the year 2013 (Pro Driver QSi)

Special Skills

Robert has undertaken extensive Off Road Driver Training.

He has a wealth of experience in relation to Security Convoy Driving.

He is a knowledgeable overseas co-ordinator for Diplomatic Services.

Phil Brown

Phil Brown - Course Director

Phil has spent over 20 years as a Close Protection Driver/Security Chauffeur. Phil formerly served in the Met Police Special Branch.

Special Skills

Phil served 20 years in the Metropolitan Police, undertaking advance driving courses.

He served in the Special Branch unit, and has vast experience in high speed and security driving.

Phil started his own security company on leaving the force, and now has over 20 years’ experience in the private security industry, including combined security/driving.