Robert Mroczek Chauffeur of the Year 2013

This year saw the first QSi Awards Ceremony hosted by the Professional Driver Magazine. As well as being an amazing night to remember for all of us that were fortunate enough to attend such a prestigious event in our industry, It was a particularly important night for Robert Mroczek – One of out trainers.

Qsi award winnerRobert was awarded the first Gold Place QSi Award ever, for Chauffeur of the year and we’re immensely proud of his achievement.

It goes to highlight the importance of having the refined skills as a top level Chauffeur. These are the skills and knowledge that we are passing on to our course attendees during every session we offer.

If you are interested in attaining the recognition as a High Class Chauffeur, then get in touch with us attending one of our Chauffeur Training courses. We’ll be pleased to see you and teach you what you need to know.

You can read more about the 2013 QSI Awards here