New Partnership Opens Up More Opportunities

Chauffeur Training Academy has some exiting news to announce!

As of January 2016 we have signed the mutual working partnership with well-known recruitment agency Morgan & Mallett.

The agency has offices all around the world, which provides a great opportunity for Qualified Chauffeurs that have completed our training. Recommendations for Chauffeur placements would be made to their clients around the globe.

Our Chauffeur Training Courses are recognised both in the UK and Internationally. With both companies working together to fulfil client requirements, potential Chauffeuring positions could be found not only in the United Kingdom, but also overseas.

We believe this new partnership to be a great advantage for those attending our training courses. Whether Chauffeurs have previous experience or are just beginning an exciting new career, exposure to a wider market place is sure to yield greater opportunities.

For those looking to expand their horizons and seek work in another country or perhaps are just ready to move on, having access to a prestige market place for niche positions like Chauffeuring is essential.


Morgan and mallet


Morgan & Mallet International is an advanced domestic staff agency, working globally and supporting its clients with the recruitment of household staff in all major sectors. These include placements for private residences, offices, yachts and private aircraft. All staff have to meet the very highest of standards to be considered for positions. Your Chauffeur qualification from the Chauffeur Training Academy will ensure your skills are up to scratch, making you an ideal candidate to work for one of their clients.

If you would like to know more about Morgan & Mallet and their worldwide recruitment services, please visit their website