SFJ Awards Level 3 Advanced Award in Chauffeuring (10 Day)


  • 10 day advanced course in Chauffeuring.
  • Includes full RoSPA training and qualifications.
  • 1 day training in Emergency First Aid.
  • Final moderated examination.
  • Monday – Friday (excludes weekend).
  • Full Course Details

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Course Description

The 10 day Advance Course commences with full assessment and examination to RoSPA driving standards. Students must achieve a Silver or Gold standard qualification (Bronze will mean a fail on the Level 3 Advanced Chauffeur course).

As part of the 10 day course Chauffeur Training Ltd have included an Emergency First Aid at Work certification, at no extra cost.

This will enable those attending to not only qualify as Chauffeurs but will, at the same time qualify as First aiders which is currently considered an important qualification within our Industry.

Days 1, 2 & 3

  • 3 Days RoSPA Course Training
  • Full assessment and examination
  • Qualification to either Bronze, Silver or Gold standard

Day 4

  • Intros
  • Lessons on etiquette and Chauffeur professionalism
  • Car door opening protocol
  • Chauffeur professionalism
  • Detailing and DI inspections / Equipment needed
  • Searching vehicle (items to find, clean and dirty searching)
  • Use of technology
  • Importance of secondary route planning
  • Route planning for 1st scheduled trip

Day 5

  • Students to conduct briefings on their journeys studied
  • 1st Scheduled trip & role play amongst students
  • Debrief on road
  • Return to base
  • Intro to use of radios and convoy driving
  • Intro to working alongside CP and celebrity/VIPs

Day 6

  • Use of radios
  • Convoy driving
  • Route briefing by instructors
  • Convoy driving practice/scheduled trip
  • Debrief on road
  • Scheduled trip to Private Jet centre
  • Instruction on correct procedure for airside ‘tarmac’ meets
  • Return to base for debrief

Day 7

  • Airport and station meeting protocol
  • Scheduled trip to major airport terminal
  • Car parking method and protocol
  • Airport meet method and protocol
  • Return to base for debrief
  • Route planning for 2nd scheduled trip

Day 8

  • Students to conduct briefings on their journeys studied
  • 2nd scheduled trip and role play amongst students
  • Debrief on road
  • Return to base
  • Recap on days 4 to 8
  • Preparations for exam on day 9

Day 9

Assessment day, pass or fail
Role play scenario – collect ‘celebrity’ with Bodyguard from a 5 star hotel. Demonstrate full embus procedure before driving via planned route, and demonstrating plan for secondary route. Arrive at drop off location and demonstrate full debus procedure.

Drivers will be assessed on all days and feedback will be given during debrief from helpers and course Director.

Day 10

  • First Aid Course – free of charge
  • First Aid Priorities
  • Managing Incidents
  • Basic Life Support
  • Examination of a Casualty
  • Unconsciousness
  • Control of Bleeding
  • Burns and Scalds
  • Regulations
  • First Aid Kits
  • Recording and Reporting

The Emergency First Aid at Work course can be adapted to suit a particular audience and is ideal for lower risk businesses, in line with the Health and Safety (First Aid) regulations 1981.

The first aid course is run over one day and includes both theory and practical sessions, in a relaxed atmosphere, designed to boost a candidate’s confidence.

Those students who complete the course and are deemed to have reached the required standard are issued with a certificate that is valid for one year.

End of course – congratulations for successful passes.